About Us

Our journey has started in love with glass bangles, a true iconic jewelry items in Indian Subcontinent. It is not a rare item in Australia, can be found in many Indian grocery shop or online; but our passion, love and dedication towards glass bangles make us ahead then others.
Mission Crafts was born in June 2019 as a registered Australian local business, aiming to introduce and spread crafts items in Australia and beyond. The influence was driven by the people who live closed to nature with their amazing hand skills and sense of arts. With the impact of modernization, many skills has been extinct and vulnerable; our goal is to conserve the skills which are still alive; appreciate those families who are still living on that.
Handstitched and crochet items are just beginning of our dream and determination. The path we choose might not easy in the modern age, but we believe it will be colorful and joyful. Together with you, we can save crafts and nature.